2017 Programme





Welcome to Gravfest!

Battunga Country Lions Club welcomes you to Gravfest '17! We will be testing the laws of universal attraction by racing down a hill in support of Williams Syndrome Association of SA.

On Davenport Square you will find bands playing on the open air stage, brought to you by the Weekend Warriors.

There are a wide variety of stalls, selling everything from meat pies to superman capes, or simply a good cup of coffee.

The noisy bike contraption makes its debut appearance this year. We invite you to strike up a tune using pedal power!

Children can test the gravity for themselves on the bouncy castle or watch the boats racing on the portable lake, which is also used to check that the gravity is level.

Visit the innovators from the Adelaide Electric Vehicles Association, here to show us the future of transport!

In the town, there is warm food and cold beer at the Three Brothers Arms and the Macclesfield Hotel. There are a range of goods in the shop. To the west you will find the sculpture symposium at Crystal Lake (All sculptures are held down by purified Macclesfield Gravity).

There is a lot to see and do at Gravfest '17. We hope you enjoy it!

None of this would be possible without the support of Mount Barker District Council and the hard work of their staff. We also wish to thank the members of Battunga Country Lions Club and our sponsors.